Point3D is a Proud CanBIM Member! – Point3D Commercial Imaging Point3D is a Proud CanBIM Member! – Point3D Commercial Imaging

Point3D is a Proud CanBIM Member!

Point3D is a proud CanBIM member!

CanBIM supports building and infrastructure businesses in adapting to technological advancements. As a 3D Laser Scanning and As-Built provider in Ontario, we are constantly striving to stay on top of an ever-advancing industry.

The organization hosts events to educate and guide businesses in adopting new technology and trends. They also support networking and exhibition initiatives. We joined the ranks of Canada’s largest builders and architectural firms.

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What is a CanBIM Membership?

  • Becoming a CanBIM member means Point3D can work with other companies and innovators within the BIM industry to improve practices, efficiency, and more.
  • We recognize how important it is to continually educate our employees on the latest practices of 3D Laser Scanning and Building Information Modelling – and we want to keep up with industry standards!
  • Membership with CanBIM allows us to continually connect with other businesses in the industry, and continue learning new industry practices.

CanBIM provides certifications in BIM competency, and Think Tanks for leaders to connect on the most important topics in the industry.

They provide awards to leaders in tech innovation and publications about such innovation!

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You can learn more about CanBIM and all of its amazing offerings to the Building Information Modelling community here.

A Commitment To You

Point3D will continue to join different organizations and work to be the most informed in the industry. By joining organizations and working directly with our clients to understand all aspects of their industry, we can better service you!