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Industry Solutions

Our reality capture solutions improve every aspect of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing.


Real Estate

From selling to leasing, our 3D Virtual Tours engage decision-makers and add value to the buying process with immersive digital walkthroughs.  With more context than photos and more control than video, our 3D tours enable prospective renters, buyers, and remote stakeholders to “walk” a space as if they were actually there – enabling them to experience the space from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Our dimensionally accurate 3D virtual tours provide an interactive experience of an entire property, building, and facility allowing viewers to explore your space at their own pace and build a deeper understanding of the building layout and overall structure. 
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Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

Streamline documentation and reduce visits to site by capturing the as-built conditions of your project with precise 3D laser scanning. Create highly detailed as-built models for Revit, accurate floor plans, sections, and elevations to help expedite the design process. Efficiently collect, model, and visualize datasets to the exact level of detail and layering standards required to seamlessly integrate within your workflow.
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Culture & Heritage

An Immersive 3D experience invites online visitors to explore your space as if they were there in person. Allow guests to engage with your space online, get a feel for your unique offerings, and create a connection before they arrive. Presenting a completely interactive 3D experience for your online viewers boosts brand credibility while attracting new customers, and allows for exciting visual discovery. Curators and artists can document and share ephemeral exhibits with those that can’t be there in person, while archiving their work for the future. Our virtual tours also provide the ability to document, share, and preserve area attractions, historical sites, monuments, and iconic destinations.  

Retail & Hospitality

Build consumer confidence and drive higher occupancy by enabling guests to explore your space and preview its inventory or amenities prior to visiting in-person. Integrating 3D and Google Street Tours with your online presence generates interest, establishes more trust with customers, and increases the chances of in-store visits and bookings. With 90% of searches starting online, it’s more important than ever to showcase what your space has to offer – all while helping you rank higher on Google.

Facilities Management

Increase ROI and reduce the costs of managing your facility’s design and ongoing maintenance. Create a digital twin of your facility’s structure and the equipment within it to get accurate measurements, produce schematic floor plans, optimize building layout, take equipment inventory, and more.  

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