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Unlocking Efficiency: 3D Matterport Tours for Warehouses

In today’s fast-paced industrial real estate landscape, the use of 3D Matterport Virtual Tours is revolutionizing the way building owners, operators, and managers conduct their operations. Especially with warehouse and office real estate, these cutting-edge tours offer three pivotal benefits that enhance the industry’s efficiency and convenience: In this blog post, we dive straight into them using one of our latest warehouse virtual tours we created for Sarah Vanberbelt of Paradigm Commercial Properties and Nick Hannah at Lennard Commercial Realty.

Step Inside A Warehouse Virtual Tour

Empowering Building Owners:

A 3D Matterport Tour provides building owners with a digital snapshot of their property’s existing conditions before occupancy. This invaluable resource not only aids in lease negotiations but also equips lessees with a clear vision of how to return the building to its base condition at the end of their lease. It streamlines the leasing process, reduces disputes, and fosters a more collaborative relationship between owners and tenants.

Efficiency for Building Operators:

Building operators can effortlessly share digital copies of their facilities with key project stakeholders, including engineers and contractors. These tours transcend geographical and physical boundaries, enabling remote access to multiple facilities at any time. The result? Faster decision-making, more streamlined maintenance, and seamless project coordination.

Enhanced Property Management:

Property managers gain a powerful tool in their arsenal, allowing them to showcase properties to potential tenants even when in-person viewings are challenging. This is especially valuable for national occupiers and companies with a widespread presence. 3D Matterport Tours provide a cost-effective, immersive, and convenient way to explore and digitally share properties, ultimately attracting more tenants and optimizing occupancy rates.

Every Warehouse Deserves a Virtual Tour

The uses of 3D Matterport Tours for warehouses benefit every party involved in the successful acquisition, stabilization, and disposition of any building. That’s why it’s worthwhile, whether it’s a 5,000 square foot contractor garage unit or a 500,000 square foot logistics center. For lenders and appraisers, they are able to have multiple inspections of the real asset without follow-up site visits. The same goes for developers and landlords looking at a property. Building operators are better able to put projects out for tender by conducting virtual site showings or using the virtual tours to refer locations and job scopes.

In the competitive world of industrial real estate, 3D Matterport Virtual Tours are a game-changer. With benefits spanning from owner-tenant relationships to streamlined operations, property management, and wider industry use, they are a must-have technology for any warehouse or industrial facility.

For our example property, we didn’t stop at just the 3D Matterport Tour. We utilized our photography and aerial imaging services to create a portfolio of captivating images that emphasize the warehouse’s size, layout, and potential. These images serve as powerful tools to attract prospective buyers and investors, providing a visual narrative that complements the immersive 3D experience.

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Contact us today to explore how 3D Matterport Tours can help your industrial real estate business find new efficacies and have a competitive advantage over other properties and operations. We’re always excited to hear from landlords, building operators, facility management, leasing teams, and developers. We’ve scanned warehouses in the GTA, Montreal-Laval, Ottawa, Cornwall, and Kingston.

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