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Choosing The Right 3D Laser Scanner For Your Building Survey

Choosing The Right 3D Laser Scanner For Your Building Survey

When it comes to modern geospatial technology, particularly in 3D laser scanning, there are several avenues that can be taken to ensure a building survey succeeds.

Options are available depending on what you need to use the 3D laser scan for. Contact us with your criteria such as building size, location, and desired deliverables; we can recommend the 3D laser scanners and survey methods that should be used for your measured building survey. 3D laser scanners come in a variety of types, each with their own competitive advantage and applications.

Scannning a building in Ottawa with the Leica Geosystems P50 laser scanner
Black and white pointcloud of a high-rise residential development.

Our 3D Laser Scanner Systems

Matterport Pro3 Lidar Camera

3D laser scanning with the Matterport Pro3

Accuracy @ 10m = 20mm
Scan distance = 25m

The Matterport Pro3 is the latest Pro-series camera from Matteport. It features a LiDAR sensor, a step up from the previous generations’ infrared 3D sensors to capture larger swaths of area, faster, and regardless of direct sunlight.

Leica Geosystems BLK2GO Laser Scanner

The handheld Leica Geosytems BLK2GO is a SLAM-based LiDAR scanner.

Accuracy @ 10m = 20mm
Scan distance = 25m

The BLK2GO is a handheld laser scanner that uses a combination of LiDAR SLAM, Visual SLAM, and an Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU) to deliver accurate pointcloud of intricate layouts quickly.

Leica Geosystems BLK360 Laser Scanner

A Leica Geosytems BLK360 Laser Scanner on top of a building in Toronto, Canada.

Accuracy @ 10m = 4mm
Scan distance = 80m

The BLK360 and BLK360G2 laser scanner’s speed and accuracy make its our go-to for fast, non-invasive building surveys spanning from a single condo unit to midrise buildings.

Leica Geosytems RTC360 Laser Scanner

The RTC360 is Leica Geosytems' flagship 3D laser scanner.

Accuracy @ 10m = 1.9mm
Scan distance = 120m

When capturing large building surveys, civil work, and projects that require a high level of accuracy (e.g. MEPF elements), we break out the RTC360 which is an industry-favourite. It is the perfect balance of speed, fidelity, and accuracy.

Leica Geosytems P50 Laser Scanner

Accuracy @ 10m = 1.2mm
Scan distance = 1km

Highrise and large civil works are reserved for the Leica Geosystems P50, which produces accurate pointcloud data at extreme ranges. We typically use the P50 laser scanner for confirming cladding shop drawings on highrise buildings.

Our 3D Laser Scanner Deliverables

Pointcloud File (.RCP, .E57, .PTS/.PTX, .LGSx)

The 3D pointcloud files from laser scanning provide invaluable visual and spatial data, essentially digitizing the building for later reference in construction planning, design, and management.

As-Built Revit Model (.RVT)

All building elements were documented with a 3d laser scanner to bring the data into Revit for as-built modeling.

A complete, parametric family-driven 3D Revit model based on the as-built conditions captured in the pointcloud file. Any building element visible during the 3D laser scan can be measured and modeled in the BIM.

As-Built AutoCAD Drawings (.DWG, .PDF)

As-built Floorplans From 3D Laser Scanning

With 3D laser scanning capturing every detail for even the most complex as-built modeling is possible. Any floorplan, ceiling plan, elevation plans, or section drawings can be derived from the pointcloud data.

Building Condition Reports (.PDF)

Building condition reports that help owners, designers, and developers understand details about their building that only 3D laser scanning can provide such as detailed floor flatness and floor levelness. Building envelope plumbness and levelness is also possible.

How Much Does 3D Laser Scanning Cost

With the right 3D laser scanner, any project from a manhole to an entire high-rise building can be laser scanned for anything from virtual tours to accurate pointcloud files. The size of the space, intricacy of the logistics, pointcloud accuracy or density required, and the deliverables requested all affect the timeline and cost of 3D laser scanning.

We are here to ensure success of your project and are happy to provide guidance when determining if 3D laser scanning would benefit your business.

The guys with two BLk360 and RTC360 laser scanners on a job in Montreal, Camada

We Are Canada’s 3D Laser Scanning Experts

3D Laser scanning offers an innovative and cost-effective approach to building surveys and as-built measurements. With accurate pointcloud files, project as-builts can be verifiably expedited while offering additional value-adds downstream. If you are interested in having a building survey completed or are looking to learn more about 3D laser scanning in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto, contact our team!

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