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Is Real Estate Photography Essential When Listing Ottawa Homes For Sale?

When selling a property, there’s just one chance to make a great first impression. More often than not, that first impression is based on the visual building marketing collateral and can really make a listing stand out. If the real estate photography doesn’t impress homebuyers from the jump, it’s likely they won’t step foot inside the home for a showing. With 95% of homebuyers finding their dream home online, it’s imperative that realtors use professional real estate photography for all their real estate listings.

Think about the buying process from the homebuyer’s perspective. Most houses for sale in Ottawa are now first seen online via platforms like MLS or On these platforms, homebuyer’s start their search by filtering for price and location, then dive deeper by viewing the available photos. If the listing does not have professional photography, you can bet they will move onto to the next property before even reading the description.

These missed opportunities of potential buyers skipping on a property can be solved by providing professional photography that accurately represents the space. And when paired with a 3D virtual tour, homebuyers will understand the space better, making them more qualified once they reach out.

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The real estate industry in Ottawa has adapted to include rich media in their listings all to present the property in its best light. With professional photography, the property can be viewed over and over no matter the time of day, generating more interest and ultimately, more in-person showings.

As a professional real estate photography company in Ottawa, we believe real estate photography is essential for listing homes for sale in Ottawa. Listings that have stunning photography are more likely to attract in-person viewings, be sold faster, and for the best price.

Real estate photography sets clear expectations 

Real estate photography is the cornerstone of real estate marketing. After the asking price, it is the first thing potential buyers see on a listing. Clear, sharp, and beautiful photos engage homebuyers and present property in their best light. This sets the homebuyers expectations and hopefully matches what they’re looking for. Using quality HDR Photography, realtors can be assured that they always get great interior and exterior images adding flair to any listing.

Homebuyers look for photos 

If you’ve ever been in the market to purchase a home, you know how big an impact photos make on your decision. While a description is nice, most want to see high-quality, recent photos. This helps to evaluate a property and determine if it fits their needs, what work it may need, and if it will fit their budget. Not every home may have a pleasing aesthetic but some homebuyers aren’t looking for already-done projects and are looking to take on a fixer-upper of their own.

Great photos speed up your sales process

Professional real estate photography helps realtors sell more homes faster and for top dollar. In a competitive market, having quality marketing material speeds up the sales process and if done properly, can assist brokerages to move more homes than ever before. This is because professional real estate photography helps win more listings. When someone that is looking to sell their home and sees a team using Point3D for the best real estate photography, they will be more inclined to list with them because they know the photography is going to be incredible.

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