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How To Embed 3D Virtual Tours

Of course, you should already know by now that 3D Virtual Tours can be easily shared to anyone with a mobile device, tablet, or computer. But here at Point3D, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your 3D Virtual Tours. While simply hyperlinking it on your website is easy, it can take traffic off your website, and that’s the opposite of what we’re trying to do.

Whether you have a dedicated IT Team or you are the IT Team, our 3D Virtual Tours are easy to use and install on websites. Embedding the 3D Tours right on your website engages your audience
leading to increased website visit times and boosts brand confidence.

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The next question is where to place it on your website! Some of our clients have a dedicated webpage to showcase the 3D Tour, others integrate it into existing webpages in their site directory, such as the Home Page or About Page.  No matter how you do it, we recommend having the 3D Virtual Tour embedded on your website at least once, but you can embed it on as many webpages as you like. A simple embed looks like this:

Once you’ve set where you’d like to have your virtual tour, you can add URL parameters to the embed link to change how it is presented to the audience. For example, you can have the 3D Tour  automatically start when scrolled to on a webpage using the URL parameter ‘&play=1‘. The URL parameters should be added to the end of the source link using an ampersand and would look like so:

<iframe width=’100%’ height=’480′ src=’‘ frameborder=’0′ allowfullscreen allow=’vr’></iframe>

Just add the URL parameter to the end of the URL then share or embed the URL as you normally would.

URL Parameters Codes

There’s a lot you can add to your 3D Virtual Tour sharing links or embed codes. Find your desired effect and corresponding URL parameters below. You can stack as many URL parameters as you need and they can be added in any order.

Automatically Play The Virtual Tour

 0  Default Shows a Play button on the iframe. The user must press the Play button to open the 3D Virtual Tour.
1 Automatically opens the Matterport model when the iframe loads on the page. If the 3D Showcase is opened via a link (not embedded in an iframe), this option is chosen automatically.

Quick Start The Virtual Tour

 0 Default Disable Quickstart (when the 3D Virtual Tour first opens, zoom in from Dollhouse View).
1 Enable Quickstart (when the Matterport model first opens, go straight into Inside View). Learn more. Only works if Start Position is Inside View.

Set The GUI Language In The Virtual Tour

Default Shows the 3D Virtual Tour user interface (help, tooltips, terms of service, etc) in the language set by the viewer’s browser. If the language in the viewer’s browser is not supported by the 3D Virtual Tour, it will default to American English.
en Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in American English.
es Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Spanish.
fr Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in French.
de Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in German.
ru Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Russian.
zh Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Chinese.
ja Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Japanese.
ko Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Korean.
nl Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Dutch.
it Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Italian.
pt Shows the 3D Virtual Tour UI in Portuguese.

Hide Multimedia Labels

0 Hide Multimedia Labels
1 Default Show Multimedia Labels

Hide The Dollhouse View

0 Hide Dollhouse View in introductory fly-in. Hide Dollhouse Button in the bottom left corner of the 3D Virtual Tour UI. Hides Dollhouse and Floorplan view snapshots in the highlight reel.
1 Default Show Dollhouse View

Make The 3D Virtual Tour MLS-Compliant

 0 Default Show branding information, links in Multimedia Labels, and VR.
1 Show the MLS-friendly version of the 3D Virtual Tour. This removes branding, removes links in Multimedia Labels, and removes VR.
2 Same behavior as &mls=1 but also removes the “About” panel in the top-left corner after loading.

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