3 Ways Virtual Tours Transform Job Onboarding Programs  – Point3D Commercial Imaging 3 Ways Virtual Tours Transform Job Onboarding Programs  – Point3D Commercial Imaging

3 Ways Virtual Tours Transform Job Onboarding Programs 

3 Ways Virtual Tours Can Help Transform Your Onboarding Program 

Gamification: Gamification takes the “snore factor” out of the training equation by adding a little friendly competition to the mix.

3D-enabled gamification can not just be used to represent your actual space accurately, it can also transform the traditional yawn-inducing onboarding process, creating an alternatively more engaging, enjoyable, personalized experience. As such, not-so-exciting facility tours or slide decks on topics like company benefits and policies could be converted into fun games making staff’s eyes open a little wider and allowing pertinent information to be better absorbed.

Asset Management Using Virtual Tours

Functional training: Virtual training with virtual tours can be especially beneficial for certain jobs and functions that are inherently dangerous, highly stressful, or involve the use of expensive machinery. For example, electrical engineers and grid technicians can use virtual training modules to simulate real-life scenarios or introduce new technicians to locations virtually.

Virtual training can also be used to onboard and train sales and field service teams by creating immersive videos that demonstrate how a finished product looks or functions, educating them to be effective in the field without the expense of in-person training.

3D Tour and Image for Virtual Training of Distribution Station

Team Assimilation: One of the top reasons recently hired staffers quit after only six months on the job is often the disconnect they feel with the organization. And many new hires cite the onboarding experience as one reason for the feeling of not being a part of it. 

And because team training sessions do not always work out the way you’d imagined, 3DVR can have a significant impact. Increased interaction between teams from across the globe through virtual tours can help to bring the company together and create a united company culture. 

3D Dollhouse of Office 3D Tour for Onboarding and Virtual Training

Onboarding Examples

Many of our clients have already started to use 3DVR to optimize their onboarding process. Here are just a few examples.

Containerized Hydroponic System – The Growcer

The Growcer offers modular, plug-and-play hydroponic systems that allow for food production in remote locations and operations. With the use of 3D laser imaging and virtual tours, individuals can explore The Growcer’s sustainable hydroponic growing container and customer onboard online without physically visiting the location.

Both the sales and support teams at The Growcer use dedicated 3D tours to showcase their product to remote customers and provide clear, detailed support using virtual technology. Not only can the sales team introduce their hydroponic system to prospects from around the globe, but the use of 3D tours also saves on acquisition costs and has significantly improved sales from outside the province. Potential growers can also gain confidence in their purchase by exploring the virtual tour or previewing the units over a video call for user onboarding of the 3D tour.

See how VR is helping The Growcer grow their business here. 

Car Dealership – Tony Graham Kanata Toyota

An in-vehicle Matterport 3D tour of a car dealership in Canada allows web visitors to familiarize themselves with the layout of the dealership and inspect the interior details of the vehicles before visiting in person. The tour also includes multimedia labels for users to learn more about each model, and includes features such as inventory pages, booking test drives, and in-tour vehicle customization.

With over 100 3D scans, this immersive 3D virtual tour allows online visitors to get a feel for the dealership and its vehicle models before visiting in person. The tour is also useful for Tony Graham Kanata Toyota to use as a tool for onboarding new staff, streamlining their entire onboarding process by familiarizing them with the dealership and its inventory before their first day of work.

See how Tony Graham Kanata Toyota provides onboarding for new employees here

Modular Containerized Compressed Air System – Halyard

Normally when showing and selling a containerized unit our client, Halyard, would fly their clients to the production facility or ship the unit to the customer’s country. During 2020/2021 with travel restrictions and the high cost of shipping a sea container to various Countries, Point3D developed a 3D virtual tour container system’s customer onboarding best practices. The 3D Tour was included in marketing materials and enabled thousands of client visits efficiently and safely.

The virtual 3D tours used to sell their containers have applications that extend beyond sales including training their teams on the equipment they’ll be selling before they enter the field. 

See how Modular Containerized Compressed Air System is using virtual tours here

Virtual tours are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, as they can save time and money while increasing the effectiveness of training. These tours can be used repeatedly, freeing up veteran staff and management to focus on their work.

In addition, virtual tours eliminate risk factors by allowing new hires to get up-close-and-personal with even the most dangerous machinery without disrupting the work of current staff or halting facility operations. As the workplace adapts to the new normal, virtual tours are a valuable resource for the training and onboarding process.

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