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What A Warehouse Virtual Tour Can Do For You

This month we are touching on Warehouse Virtual Tour work we’ve completed for the Industrial Real Estate Industry in Ontario.

A warehouse virtual tour is a multi-functional digital asset for building owners and managers. Having a 1:1 digital twin of any space available for viewing anytime is a powerful tool to reduce vacancies, solidify brand confidence, and even increase orientation or overall productivity. Point3D has performed reality capture to many warehouses in Ontario for commercial real estate listings, brand digital marketing, and facility management. No size of warehouse is too small or too large for us to capture. In Ontario, we’ve created 3D Tours of crawlspace mechanical rooms to warehouses spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet.

We are providing 3D Matterport virtual tours, real estate photography, floorplans, and as-built building information models for warehouses in Ontario. From virtual tours to point clouds, Point3D is enabling companies to work faster and smarter with the built environment.

Our aim is to support the entire lifecycle of buildings from space planning and construction, to operation and promotion. When it comes to warehouses, there are use case scenarios at each stop.

Using the Leica BLK360 to Matterport Scan a Warehouse in Toronto

Warehouse Virtual Tour for Space Planning

After all the work of finding the right warehouse, it’s time to move in. For manufacturers and production facilities, moving and installing their operations can cost millions of dollars. When installing new equipment in a new base fit-up or existing complex conditions, smart designers and engineers are using 3D Tours to see the existing conditions and learn how to optimize the space. With the tool, the spaces can be measured, viewed, and checked for walking clearance. Existing equipment can be spatially rearranged and configured virtually, other 3D models of equipment can also be imported. This helps the planning process move from vision to reality while reducing change orders and on-site issues when installing equipment in a new facility.

Space Planning: Logistics Warehouse Virtual Tour
Brampton, Ontario

Using the warehouse virtual tour and 3D model, designers and engineers were able to reconfigure this space to maximize efficiency moving 100,000 packages a day.

Warehouse Virtual Tour for Training and Orientation

Warehouse operations have been heavily impacted by the pandemic while demand is at an all-time high. This has resulted in competitive companies swallowing market share and growing intensely. When operating a warehouse in Ontario, safety is always number one and when hiring a ton of new staff, introducing them to workplace safety is important.  To expedite the onboarding of new hires, some companies are providing a 3D Virtual Tour of their warehouses to allow new hires to walk the space and with the use of multimedia labels, introduce company practices, policies, and equipment.

Operation: Manufacturing Warehouse
Toronto, Ontario

This Manufacturing Training Centre was captured to provide new employees the ability to see their workplace facilities and equipment so that they are ready to go on day one.

Warehouse Virtual Tour for Acquisition, Sale, Or Divestment

Industrial Real Estate is also still on fire in Ontario and shows no signs of stopping with this recent industrial real estate transaction in Ontario. So while it’s not possible to be everywhere at once, having a warehouse virtual tour gives building stakeholders the ability to see it from any angle, anytime. Interested buyers and potential tenants can take a look at floorplan and walk the entire space at their own pace. This freedom lets them truly understand if the space fits their needs, more so than real estate photography and video. And while this won’t serve as a replacement for a building inspection, it would provide insight into which areas require more due diligence earlier in the deal. This ultimately saves building owners and national occupiers costs for in-person viewing while quickening the speed to lease or sale.

Promotion: Logistics Warehouse Virtual Tour
Ottawa, Ontario

Using the Leica BLK360 and the Matterport Pro2 devices to create building marketing collateral that ultimately led to the sale of the building to an international buyer.

We are 3D Virtual Tour Specialists

Warehouse Virtual Tours require a comprehensive understanding of 3D scanning and the right equipment. Trust the firm with experience in Matterport virtual tours for warehouses. If your Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal warehouse is ready to use 3D Virtual Tours, contact Point3D to get started.

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