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Google Street View Tour Vs. Matterport 3D Tour

In addition to Point3D Commercial Imaging is a Google Trusted Photographer in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, we are also expert Matterport 3D Tour capture specialists. We provide Google Street View Tours to supplement the Matterport 3D Virtual Tours we create for industries such as retail. Some stores that want an immersive 3D Tour to feature their showroom or restaurant also benefit from the Google Street View tours. While our Matterport 3D Virtual tours are easier to navigate, faster to load, and an overall better, richer experience to have embedded on your website, Google Street View is the more familiar platform for business owners. Google Street View typically also garners a further impression and reach as it is available through Google Maps. That’s not to say you should decide either-or, as having both is cost-effective.

No matter your business, you want to showcase your space in the best light to the most users possible. Our recommendation is to embed a Matteport 3D Tour for your website and have a Google Street View for your Google My Business listing.


To have a Google Street View Tour of your business is essential if your products or services are available through a brick-and-mortar location. Since 2012, many Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal businesses have had a Google Tour created. These virtual tours live on your Google My Business listing and are hosted on the Google Maps platform which is visited more than a billion times each year.
You might have even used it your self considering 44% of consumers used mapping products to search business locations in 2017!

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The immersive 3D tours we do in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal are made using Matterport. Matterport is an online 3D platform that ‘nests’ high-resolution photorealistic imagery throughout a three-dimensional space. This allows for a ‘Dollhouse’ view and walkthrough experience that navigates smoother than any other technology on the market and is more engaging than video on websites. It’s like Google Street View on steroids.

Not only is this a much better experience to show on your website, but further context can also be added by installing multimedia labels into the 3D Virtual Tour that can show images, video, PDFs, and more in order to really speak to your customers.


Pretty neat right? On one hand, you have Google Street View, an established platform visited by tens of thousands per day. On the other, a fully immersive experience that serves your business functionally. So here are the key differences between the two platforms.

Google Street View Tours

  • Shown on your Google My Business listing
  • No annual hosting fees

Matterport 3D Tours

  • Embedded on your website and available to share with a URL
  • More immersive and easy to navigate
  • Multimedia label function


So you’ve seen the experience difference between the immersive 3D tour and Google Street View tour and you’re interested, but have to get an idea for what this could cost for the space you have in mind.

It’s quite reasonable really. Our pricing starts at $250 for just a simple Google Tour, the larger the space the more it will cost. We recommend however that you get both Google Tour and Matterport Tour, we can even make it cost-effective by throwing the Google Street View Tour into the deal. Contact us today to learn what it would cost to get a Google Tour or 3D Tour. We work throughout Ontario and Quebec.

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