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Dealership Virtual Tours With 3D Matterport

With tremendous Automotive and Marketing industry experience, there is no better company in Ontario for capturing Dealership Virtual Tours than Point3D Commercial Imaging.

It used to be all about radio advertising, and catching drivers on their commute to and from work, but now most dealerships are opting to spend more and more of their marketing budget on digital marketing. It’s 2022. For some dealerships, traditional media like radio, TV, and Out-Of-Home advertising spend still dwarfs digital. But other dealership groups are using digital marketing to generate local brand awareness and brand recognition at a more competitive cost than blanketing the airwaves with dealership ads. As cars are seldom sold online and without a test drive, the digital strategy of these car dealerships is to attract consumers to their showrooms. Having the consumer confident about the showroom and ready to buy so that a salesperson can easily sell them is everything. Enter dealership virtual tours and take it from Evan McCosham, Marketing Manager at Tony Graham Automotive Group in Ottawa, ON.

“After deploying them on our contact page, the dealership virtual tours enticed online visitors to make appointments and to visit in person more often.”

– Evan McCosham, Marketing Manager, Tony Graham Automotive Group

We’re helping Tony Graham Automotive Group and many other dealerships in Ontario by creating dealership virtual tours with 3D Matterport every year to keep up with the latest-generation flagship models. Our service provides the most immersive and state-of-the-art dealership virtual tours. The 3D Matterport tour is embedded onto the dealer’s website, a Google Street View tour is added to Google Maps, the 3D Tour is shared in monthly dealership promotions (i.e. flyers, newsletters), and in other sales communications.

Using the 3D dealership virtual tour a user can freely preview the entire dealership, learn more about select models, and book a consultation or test drive. Using multimedia labels, the 3D Matterport tour embedded on the websites can add additional context, videos, and more. Our systems are integrated with the inventory stock of the dealership and can let a user know if a particulate model is available to be seen at the dealership. When users do visit in person they are ultimately more comfortable as they will recall the layout and car models in the dealers’ showrooms. This results in confident buyers more often for the car dealership sales staff to work with in person.

We love to capture 3D Matterport dealership tours. One of the unique features of our 3D Tours over other companies is the ability to show the interior of car models in 3D. We scan the vehicle interior allowing users to step right inside of the latest and greatest car models, see the dash, and really get a feel for the car. From the driver’s seat, users can see the sales brochure, watch a video, or even book a test drive.

We are digitizing dealerships and making them visitable online in 3D. By seeing the dealership showroom and vehicles virtually, consumers are more genuinely interested when they decide to visit in person. Our dealership virtual tours have been viewed over 55,000 times over the past three years, think of how many converted into in-person visits?

We know that every year, more dealerships want to share their showrooms online to the public looking their best and stocked with the latest generation of vehicles. We work with Marketing Managers to supplement their car dealership digital marketing strategies with 3D dealership virtual tours.

Our Matterport camera Matty in the driver's seat of a new Lexus LS500.

Dealership Virtual Tours for Toyota

Tony Graham Automotive Group was the first dealership in Ottawa we had the pleasure of visualizing in 3D. Tony Graham has incredible brand power and their radio tagline from the 1990s is still unforgettable to any Ottawa native. In fact, our Founder Spencer MacPherson’s first car, a 1995 Toyota Corolla, was originally purchased at Tony Graham Toyota on Merivale. Since then, MacPherson’s belief in the Toyota promise of reliability and quality remains to this day. The company car is now a much updated 2019 Toyota Corolla. In this dealership virtual tour, the Toyota Corolla Hatchback and Toyota 86 were featured as brand-new models that year.

Tony Graham Toyota
Ottawa, Ontario

See the dealership virtual tour at:

Dealership Virtual Tours for Lexus

After the first dealership virtual tour at Tony Graham Toyota, other car dealerships were looking at using 3D Tours on their website. Toyota’s more affluent or well-dressed cousin, Lexus, was looking for a way to bring more clients to their dealership With an email request to Point3D, they procured an estimate for a dealership virtual tour including in several vehicles. The cost is nominal and could be co-opted by the Lexus brand as a marketing initiative. This ultimately made it more feasible for a new 3D Tour to be created each year. We now visit annually when new-generation models are released to update the car dealership 3D Tour.

Tony Graham Lexus
Ottawa, Ontario

See the dealership virtual tour at:

Dealership Virtual Tours for Kia

We don’t just service Ottawa, Ontario. When car dealer Kia Durham reached out looking for a car dealership virtual tour with Matterport, we sold them on our expertise in capturing the very best Matterport scans with cars in dealerships. We chose a day that space was closed to the public, cleaned, and with each vehicle specially placed to allow navigation and completed the 3D Virtual Tour capture. The Matterport scan took a full day to complete, with deliverables ready within that same week. To deploy the marketing collateral, the car dealer set up a “Shop From Home” sales funnel that incorporates the 3D Tour and embeddedd it on the contact page of their website.

Durham Kia
Oshawa, Ontario

See the dealership virtual tour at:

We are Car Dealership Virtual Tour Experts

Capturing Dealership Virtual Tours with Matterport requires a comprehensive understanding of 3D virtual tours and the automotive industry. Trust the firm with experience in Matterport virtual tours for dealerships and car showrooms. If your Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal dealership is thinking about how a 3D Virtual Tour can help attract new customers and bring more people through your front door, contact Point3D to learn more about the service. If you want to know more, visit our About Us page.

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