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3D Virtual Tours For Digital Preservation and Documentation

3D Scans For Digital Preservation and Documentation

For most art galleries and museums, exhibits are changed intermittently throughout the year, each serving as a temporary experience for the public. With 3D Matterport Tours, exhibits throughout Ontario and Montreal are prolonging their impact and reaching new audiences online long after the physical exhibit has been moved back into storage. Galleries and Museums see value in continuing to show their exhibits virtually, expanding their exposure and availability to the public.

Beyond local expositions in Ottawa and Montreal, we are capturing national heritage sites and locations of cultural significance to share these spaces with the world more easily without traveling. We have been blessed to be commissioned across Canada to capture some very special places.
Below we have outlined a few such spaces we’ve captured.

Digital Preservation – Museum Exhibit

3D Virtual Tours are an exact virtual twin of your museum exhibit at the time of capture. They capture every inch of the venue and include all details of your pieces with multimedia labels.

Documentation – Brand Activation

Many organizations and companies will have Point3D scan a space for proof of marketing spend and for brand activations. These 3D Tours are used by both brand and franchisee stakeholders to document their use of marketing budgets.

Digital Preservation – Art Exhibit

One of the most exciting features about your Matterport  3D Tour is the ability to embed multimedia labels directly into the 3D Tour. Labels can include text, pictures, links, videos, or even entire brochures. This can add additional context to exhibits or showcase history.

Most of the art galleries we capture use multimedia labels to identify the artist, title, size, and medium. The 3D Tour below was for an auction, so a hyperlink to the auction item is included for every piece.

Documentation – Heritage Site

Before acquiring heritage sites, Organizations will want 3D Imaging of them to be cataloged and available to be later reviewed and referenced by heritage boards. We typically deliver a point cloud in .RCP and .LGS format but can include a Matterport 3D Tour for visuals upon request.

More Reasons For 3D Virtual Tours

Museums usually have exhibits that change with the seasons or when a new exhibit is developed. However, the information within these exhibits is still valuable to the vast majority of people. Museums are also location-specific, meaning the educational experience is only available to those who live near enough to the museum to access it. Digitizing an exhibit immortalizes it online and makes it accessible to everyone in the entire world to see. Adding multimedia tags invites people to learn more about the exhibit.

This works the same way for traveling exhibits, which may need to be taken down and then set back up again. Having a digital copy of a traveling exhibit allows it to be set up again in the same fashion as it was originally. We have also had a client use their virtual tour to apply for more funding to keep their physical tour running.

Here are our two favourite 3D Tours for Culture and Heritage in 2021.

Steamboats On The Rideau

The Rideau Canal is the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America, and possibly the first major canal to be built with steamboats in mind.

This was a special exposition held on the third floor of the Dickinson House Museum, which we have also captured in 3D. The virtual tours provided a way to visit the museums while they were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, The staff prepared programs for schools to use with their students and were able to extend the reach of the temporary exhibit by being available online.

The Surgeon And Magician

This exhibit was held in the Ottawa Art Gallery. From Tiffany April, a playful and colourful Master’s thesis that is visible from all angles in the 3D Tour.

3D Tours exist online in a cloud-based platform. In this way, they are immortalized as long as they are hosted. 3D imaging and documentation could be the future of preservation efforts of artifacts, cultural and heritage buildings, and art.

We are Ontario’s 3D Virtual Tour Experts

We offer a unique and extensive experience providing fast, realiable service for the most complex scanning environments. Our immersive 3D Imaging can serve as a solution to a wide range of industries. If you are interested and are looking to learn more or are ready to use 3D Virtual Tours in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto, contact our team to schedule your first 3D Tour scan.

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