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Bytown Museum

Allowing the oldest stone building (1827) in Ottawa to be completely accessible to both a wider audience online and on-site to the mobility-challenged.

A Feasible Accessibility Solution

At the request of the Bytown Museum, we embarked on a mission to bring accessibility and digital exploration of Ottawa’s oldest stone building and its story to a wider audience. Their primary focus was to bridge the gap for individuals with physical disabilities, offering them access to the museum’s third floor from the second.

The 3D Matterport virtual tour is a gateway for anyone, anywhere to step inside the museum and immerse themselves in its rich history. Today, the museum leverages our service to preserve its exhibits in immersive 3D virtual tours, ensuring these invaluable artefacts are accessible for education even in storage.

In addition, these tours serve as a powerful tool for promoting their rental spaces.

Immersive 3D Digital Experience

We crafted an inclusive 3D digital experience, making the Bytown Museum accessible to all, including those with physical disabilities.

3D Walkthrough Video

We transformed our 3D tour into an inviting social media video, enticing users to explore the virtual tour or visit the museum in person.

On-Site Delivery Peripheral Consult

We made the museum’s third floor accessible to those with physical disabilities, installing a computer system on the second floor, providing a unique opportunity for accessibility and exploration.

Google Street View

We uploaded a Google Street View tour as a Google Trusted Photographer, enabling users to explore the museum on Google Maps.

4K and Panoramic Photography

We transformed 3D tour photos into valuable visual assets for the museum, featuring high-quality images of artefacts, rooms, and VR-ready 360-degree photos.

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