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Fairfields Heritage House

Documenting Heritage Portfolios Thoroughly

One of the City of Ottawa’s latest heritage building acquisitions, Fairfields House in the Bayshore area required documentation of the building’s as-built conditions. At the same time, we created an immersive digital experience for public engagement and event planning purposes. The 3D Tour is currently used for both internal and external city communications.

Uploading the scan to Google Street View, the museum’s Google My Business was populated with a tour on on the Google Maps platform as well.

Matterport 3D Tour
Using the Matterport Pro2, the immersive 3D virtual tour of shows the existing conditions of the heritage building as-is. Used online and through email correspondence with city stakeholders, visitors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the space before visiting in-person.
Google Street View
The scan was uploaded to the Google Maps platform as a Google Street View Trusted tour. These 360 images are prioritized by Google and compliments Fairfield House's Google My Business profile.
4K And Panoramic Images
We produced 4k images for the heritage building, giving them high-quality content of their space in its' as-is condition.

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