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Figaro Coffee House

Empowering Sales Online And Offline From Launch

Before it was known as a staple of the Trainyards area in Ottawa, Figaro Coffee House needed a way to show those driving by on Industrial Avenue what they were all about on the inside.

Using our Google Street View and immersive virtual tour solutions, they invited website visitors to tour their facility, menus, and e-commerce selection all from the comfort of their home. We also snapped images of their food and beverage line-up for their Uber Eats offerings.

Matterport 3D Tour
The Matterport 3D Tour serves as an invitation for new customers to learn what Figaro Coffee House is all about. Beautifully set, the virtual tour allows anyone a glimpse inside the store. Store information like hours and location are embedded directly inside the tour. In the back retail room, each kind of specialty coffee is labeled with a description and a link taking the user to an e-commerce store where they can make purchases online.
Google Street View
Making their Google My Business profile more useful to patrons, the store can be visited virtually directly on the Google Maps platform. We uploaded a Google Street View Tour as a Google Trusted Photographer, making it easy for anyone searching for the location to see inside.
4K And Panoramic Images
We produced 4k and panoramic images the client used on their website to showcase their space in its' ideal showing condition.
Menu Photography
Using our portable studio and high-end photography equipment, we captured exquisite images of Figaro Coffee House's food and wine menu to use on online ordering platforms such as Uber Eats.

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