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The Yard Skatepark

Drop Into A Skatepark Virtual Tour

We were excited to approach The Yard, Ottawa’s only indoor skateboard park, with the idea of a virtual tour because one of our founders used to teach skateboarding Summer camps in his youth. Being brand-new, it was the perfect time to capture the immersive 3D Tour with Matterport with the ramps looking beautiful and the ground freshly polished. The entire skatepark was scanned and included a full-size bowl, vert section, jump-line, pump-line, and technical street skateboard area. As a not-for-profit serving a cause close to our hearts, this scan was done at no cost as a Random Scan Of Kindness from Point3D.

Matterport 3D Tour
The Matterport 3D Tour is used on the homepage of The Yard's website and received thousand of visits each month. The 3D tour is also included in their Summer camp brochures in the form of a QR code making it easy for parents and kids to see the space before committing.
Google Street View
The Yard had us add a walkthrough on Google Maps, allowing Google search users a quick glimpse into the BMX, scooter, and technical skatepark areas.

Easter Egg Hunt

Day pass easter egg hidden in Ottawa skatepark virtual tour
Can You Find All 10 Day-Passes?

The skatepark virtual tour was released over the Easter holiday weekend and while it was closed to the public, we thought it would be fun to have an “Easter Egg” hunt for the kids to acquaint themselves with the new space.

In the popular game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, “Collect S-K-A-T-E” is a level-based objective where the player must hunt for the letters S, K, A, T and E to form “Skate”. The letters are scattered throughout landmarks within the level. We hid 10 day-passes in The Yard with a call to action to find them in the virtual tour and win! That Easter weekend the virtual tour had more than 1000 visits, and all 10 day-passes were found!