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Osgoode Township Museum

Preserving & Expanding the Reach of Physical Exhibits

Virtually visit the Osgoode Township Museum’s latest exhibition which explores the incredibly resilient spirit of the people in the community. This exhibit, titled “Rooted in Rural,” tells the story of Ottawa’s agricultural and rural heritage featuring unique artifacts from the first European settlers to Larry Robinson’s 1979 NHL All-stars jersey.

Using a 3D virtual tour, the Osgoode Museum has preserved their exhibit digitally while expanding the reach and impact of the rich history found here.

Matterport 3D Tour
Using the Matterport Pro2, the immersive 3D virtual tour enables anyone to explore the Osgoode Township Museum online giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the space before visiting in person. The 3D virtual tour is also a great way to document and preserve the museum in a digital format.
Google Street View
The scan was uploaded to the Google Maps platform as a Google Street View Trusted tour. These 360 images are prioritized by Google and complement the Osgoode Museum's Google My Business profile.
4K And Panoramic Images
We produced 4k images for the heritage building, giving them high-quality content of their space in its' as-is condition.