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Madison's New York Grill & Bar

Empowering Consumer Confidence & Wayfinding

Being quickly loaded on whichever device it is visited from, this immersive 3D experience of Madison’s Restaurant & Bar allows future patrons to see the atmosphere they can expect upon arrival, where they can sit in the restaurant, and if the bar area is large enough to host their event. Located in the center of downtown Ottawa, the restaurant wanted to show its space online and on Google Maps.

In addition to the 3D Tour, we uploaded a Google Street View tour of the restaurant for mass exposure.

Matterport 3D Tour
The 3D tour allows online visitors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the space and before visiting in-person.
Google Street View
The scan points from the 3D Tour were uploaded to the Google Maps platform as a Google Street View tour. As a Google Trusted Photographer in Ottawa, these images were prioritized by Google and boosted the overall SEO score of Madison's Restaurant & Bar's search ranking.