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The Growcer | Hydroponic Growing System

Sell Large Physical Products & Onboard Customers Digitally

The Growcer manufactures modular plug-and-play hydroponic systems to enable food production in remote communities and operations. Using 3D virtual technology, the Growcer’s sustainable hydroponic growing container can be explored online without ever having to step inside physically.

With dedicated 3D tours for both their sales and support teams, The Growcer is able to showcase their product to remote customers and support them online using 3D virtual technology.

3D Tour for Sales
Using the 3D Tour, the sales team at the Growcer is able to introduce their hydroponic growing system to prospects from all around the world. Not only did the 3D Tour save on acquisition costs, it vastly improved sales from outside of the province. Potential growers are more confident about purchasing after exploring the virtual tour themselves or previewing the units over a video call with the 3D tour.
3D Tour for Support
After receiving the containerized hydroponic system, The Growcer's support team uses a separate 3D tour with technical multimedia labels to review the system with the customer. Using the 3D tour helps make the onboarding process more efficient with text and visual cues. In the future, the 3D Tour will serve as a users manual for new customers to refer to at anytime.