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OC Transpo Paint Booth Project

Virtually Show Bid Projects Safely and Efficiently

Rather than a large project bidding site visit, we captured this OC Transpo paint booth in 3D so that all project stakeholders can visually confirm details included in work scope documents without having to visit site.

With a digital site visit, this project is being confidently bid on by companies that would not otherwise send an estimate, garnering more competitive bids from a larger pool of contractors. All on-site Point3D technicians are trained in Working at Heights (WAH) and provided the necessary safety equipment to complete any job.

3D Virtual Tour
All areas of the project work scope were included in a 3D Virtual Tour. The virtual tour is immersive and easy to use on any device with an internet connection. Used by all project stakeholders, the 3D Tour has a number of uses including serving as an initial site survey, site visit alternative, spot measurement tool, and for visual confirmations of as-built conditions.