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Live Real Factory Events

Enabling A Virtual Dealership Test Drive

As an event venue space retnal manager, Andrea found it difficult to convey the various space setups for inquiring parties with just photos. By contracting Point3D Commercial Imaging, she was given marketing collateral to properly showcase the various setups available for her event space in Markham, Ontario.

We created a 3D Virtual Tour of the space set up for a music event as well as a separate 3D Virtual Tour of it ready for a corporate event. Now when asked about the space, Andrea can send the inquiring party the 3D Virtual Tours to give them a thorough understanding of the possibilities. The 3D Tour also incorporates multimedia labels for users to learn more about the space’s history, drink menu, and rental offerings.

This has helped with space bookings and has reduced the number of follow-up questions before bookings are placed.

Matterport 3D Tour
We captured two seperate Matterport 3D Virtual Tours for Live Real Factory in Markham, Ontario. Each was uniquely set up and captured in teh late evening to showcase their venue rental space offerings in an ambient atmosphere.