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Modular Containerized Compressed Air System

Bring Your Product To Your Customer

Normally when showing and selling a containerized unit our client, Halyard, would fly Clients to the production facility or ship the unit to a Customer’s Country. During 2020/2021 with travel restrictions and the high cost of shipping a sea container to various Countries, Point3D developed a 3D virtual tour of the container system. The 3D Tour was included in marketing materials and enabled thousands of client visits efficiently and safely.

Once sold, new container system purchasers would have an onboarding video call with Halyard. During the call, Halyard uses the 3D Tour to help with the setup, training, and ongoing maintenance of the sold container system.

Matterport 3D Tour
Scanning the interior and exterior of the container system allowed prospective purchasers the ability to effeciently preview the product while being in another Country. The 3D Tour is outfitted with multimedia labeling to annotate features and providing more context to the installed layout.