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Why Get The Best Showroom Virtual Tour?

Unleash the true potential of your storefront with a showroom virtual tour powered by Point3D Commercial Imaging. Point3D has experience creating hundreds of immersive virtual tours of showrooms all over Canada. A virtual tour invites new customers to engage with your space and brand directly on your website.

If you have thought about giving your customers 24/7 access to your showroom, then an immersive 3D virtual tour of your showroom is a great place to start. A showroom virtual tour gives your customers an experience that is four times more engaging compared to a video. To make the best first impression possible, Point3D can also upload your showroom virtual tour to the Google search and Maps listings as a trusted Google Street View partner. 

The ultra-high 4K resolution of the panoramic images allows customers to zoom in and explore all your products and goods. The primary benefit of a virtual tour is that it provides customers with a better understanding of the space they intend to visit. Having a showroom virtual tour is a good way of attracting customers to visit your showroom from any place, at any time, on any device. Add overlays and interactive features such as product detail tags or a guided virtual tour that not only showcases your space, but allows those who have not visited yet to become comfortable with it. 

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What Kind Of Showrooms Deserve Virtual Tours?

We’ve done virtual tours for all sorts of showrooms across Ontario. Some like Goldwing Autocare on Colonnade or Tony Graham Toyota on Merivale have us update their showroom virtual tours annually. Using our background in advertising and marketing communications, we are used to pushing the limits of the Matteport 3D Tour platform to create the most engaging and immersive showroom virtul tours possible.

Benefits Of A Showroom Virtual Tour

Since 2017, we have been providing companies and businesses with a way to give their customers a glimpse of what they can expect to see when they visit in person. As you can probably imagine, this became more important to more industries as they looked to overcome health restrictions from the Coronavirus pandemic. More than just showing a space, creating a virtual tour will increase footfall in your showroom. This is because if you show your space in its best light online, they will definitely want to see it in person later. The scans give products depth, clarity, and color accuracy. A 3D walkthrough of the place will let customers navigate as if they are physically moving through the showroom. 

Furthermore, we intend to create the most marketable digital asset possible with our Showroom Virtual Tours. We can embed multimedia labels anywhere in the virtual tour allowing you to highlight your products, inventory, and services. The multimedia labels can include text, videos, PDFs, and photos to add more context for the viewers. Having your showroom on your website virtually is a great way to drive the idea of visiting your future customers.

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Any Showroom Can Use A Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are not a thing of the tomorrow anymore. They’re here in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, and over 400 businesses are using our professional imaging services every day. We at Point3D Commercial Imaging serve a variety of industries in providing communication visuals, promoting real spaces online. If your business is known to have an attractive interior, then having a showroom virtual tour should definitely be included in your next marketing plan. Want to see some of our favourite Showroom Virtual Tours? Check them out below!

  • Furniture Showroom Virtual Tour: Dala Decor is an upscale furniture retailer with a little-known location in Nepean, Ottawa. We visit them once a year to update their showroom virtual tour and showcase the very latest from high-end furniture makers such as Furninova.
  • Dealership Virtual TourIn Ottawa, Tony Graham is a household name. With car dealerships across the city, they use the 3D Tours we’ve created for them to introduce their space to first-time car buyers and promote new car test drives. Test drive their showroom virtual tour now!
  • Skatepark Virtual Tour: One of our favourite #RandomScansOfKindness was scanning The Yard in Ottawa to showcase their newly-built indoor skatepark. While not a showroom per-se, the tour invited new visitors and their parents into the space before they were open to the public. It’s still in use on their website garnering about fifty visits per day.

Ontario’s Leading 3D Virtual Tour Provider

We can help explain how our services will benefit your business and create an immersive experience of your space to share online. Contact us today to learn more.

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