Point3D Still Open for 3D Virtual Tours as Real Estate Essential Business – Point3D Commercial Imaging Point3D Still Open for 3D Virtual Tours as Real Estate Essential Business – Point3D Commercial Imaging

Point3D Still Open for 3D Virtual Tours as Real Estate Essential Business

We are a Real Estate Essential Business

With the additional lockdown measures underway in the province of Ontario to curb the 3rd wave of COVID-19, Point3D remains a real estate essential business. We are open in all domains of Real Estate, Property Management, and Construction Services.

We are committed to adhering to all public health guidelines and are operating in accordance with the new regulations as of April 17th, 2021. As an essential business operating in the commercial, residential, and operational industries, all of Point3D’s services continue to be available. We continue to protect supply chains with the deployment of our 3D Virtual Tour and 3D Point Cloud assets. With the ability to see, measure, and plan space more efficiently, we can do our part to curb the shock to supply chains for all sorts of industries from Retail and Hospitality to Property Management. Additionally, we strive to take all necessary precautions in the work that we do. We have also implemented several measures to perform our work in the safest manner possible. All Point3D employees are fully-vaccinated and rapid-test if at all they are not feeling well. For information on the steps we have taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, please consult our information sheet here.

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Over the pandemic we are working with all kinds of companies in addition to the Real Estate industry. We are bringing restaurant table booking online, enabling online art auctions for charity, and even helping Kindergartners and their parents see their classroom for the very first time.

The ability to see a place before visiting is one of the best things about our 3D Tours. We want yournew customers to feel as if they’ve visiting your space before. If they are more comfortable and confident in their environment, they will be spend more time and money. Even knowing where a reception or washroom is can make people more comfortable visiting for the first time.

We are engaging with several companies that are looking to implement our reality capture services. Our 3D Virtual Tours are proving new work cases when remote work and no longer having site meetings with 20+ different subcontractors is no longer safe. We are also saving time from re-measure re-work with our 3D Laser Scanning services. For our Ottawa renovator clients, they are finding they are able to develop as-built models faster and safer with Point3D.

Point3D has been continually operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering immersive 3D Virtual tours and other affiliated services, presenting considerable time and cost efficiencies. It has also without doubt enabled more people to visit space at their own pace online. For more examples of the work that we do, feel free to visit our Projects page!

Our best practices moving forward and doing our best to prevent the speard of the omicron variant of COVID-19
Creating a Matterport 3D Tour of a suite in Soho Hotel & Residencies during the coronavirus pandemic

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