Point3D has joined the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization | Point3D Commercial Imaging

Point3D has joined the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization

Point3D is a member of the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization!

Point3D joined the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization to ensure a high standard of practice and marketing knowledge of all Real Estate work in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and surrounding areas.

We have made a commitment to being the best in our field, and to be constantly improving. In order to do this, we are always on the lookout for new organizations to join and work with that will help us improve our best practices and connect us with new organizations working to provide housing.

We have joined EOLO in order to connect with businesses and people that work in our field so that we can share our knowledge and learn from others.

Eastern Ontario Landlord Association
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What does EOLO do?

EOLO is an organization of the owners and managers of more than 40,000 buildings across the Ottawa area. It keeps its members educated on changes to regulations in the housing market and industry. Members also regularly exchange information about best practices and maintaining the highest possible level of practice.

Associate Membership

Point3D is an associate member, meaning we are not Landlords in the association but work with them to maintain and market their buildings. Some notable Landlord members we work with include Gemstone Developments, District Realty, and Minto. See the whole list here.

We help these companies with creating marketing collateral for their unit types and buildings. With sharp photos, immersive 3D Tours, and accurate floorplans, rental agents have all the tools they need to efficiently show space virtually. See more and contact us from our Commercial Real Estate page.


Visit the Eastern Ontario Landlord Association website here.

A Commitment To You

Point3D will continue to join different organizations and work to be the most informed in the industry. By joining organizations and working directly with leaders in the space, we can better understand their needs. This results in the best 3D imaging and real estate photography solution for our clients.