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Large Matterport Scans In Canada

At Point3D, we’re creating large Matterport scans at scale.

Since our beginnings, we at Point3D have been avid enthusiasts and proponents of everything 3D. The platform we trust the most for 3D Virtual Tours has always been Matterport. There just isn’t anything like it available on the marketplace and with the latest generation Matterport Pro2 camera (which we’ve named ours Matty), offers stunning 3D visuals with high-quality 36-degree views and is easily shared to any device with an internet connection. It’s not just single-family homes we’re scanning either. We’re pushing the envelope with Matterport scanning to create immersive 3D experiences for all sorts of creating and unique applications.

When scanning more complex or larger spaces with Matterport, our technicians use refined survey and laser scanning methodology to properly capture a space. While a single-family home may only take an hour with under 100 scans, some commercial and industrial real estate take days to scan with Matterport using over 1000 setups.

The biggest mistake new Matterport operators make is not introducing trusted survey methods into their workflow to make it easy for Matterport’s scan registration automation. A haphazard or “misaligned” scan will not impress their clients. Without proper scanning methodology, a square space can skew to one side inaccurately or be missing data.

Point3D Scanning the Babs Asper Theater at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.

We have experience with large Matterport scans in Canada and in the United States. We can scan using Matterport in complex and outdoor areas, and up to hundreds of thousands of square feet. Our team enjoys the challenge of scanning large open warehouses for space planning, entire buildings for commercial real estate transactions, and outdoor spaces for art/culture purposes.

Typically spaces over 20,000 sq. ft. are a challenge even for experienced Matterport Service Providers. With the right expertise and the right equipment, large Matterport scans can be planned and 3D Tours created easily.

One way we make otherwise difficult Matteport scanning possible is by using the Leica BLK360 (a.k.a. Bella) to scan and integrates true LiDAR data into the Matterport 3D Tour. The BLK360 allows scan data to return further than with the Matterport Pro2 camera and for larger spaces to be properly captured.

Leica BLK360 in a Toronto Warehouse.

Our Largest Matterport Scans

We’re proud to show some of the spectacular spaces we’ve had the opprtunity to visit and capture with Matterport 3D cameras. The platform has allowed us to share thousands of unique places with others online and in 3D. Over time, we’ve excelled in championing Matterport scanning and have since captured several large Matterport scans in Canada.

Large Matterport Scan For Space Planning
Ottawa, Ontario

With this warehouse operator looking for more efficiencies in racking layout, our 3D Matterport tours helped designers in the United States with visualizing their Canadian locations in 3D. These visuals helped clarify as-found conditions and allow assisted with maximizing merchandise space without sacrificing useability and safety.

Large Matterport Scan For Commercial Real Estate
Toronto, Ontario

Selling commercial real estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars as part of portfolio sales has certain requirements from the selling agent. To best list these two buildings in Toronto, CBRE Toronto Downtown added our Matterport 3D Tours as part of their selling presentation. We conducted Matterport scans of several floors of each building to show potential investors outside of the country the typical building condition. This assures both buyers and sellers had true visual references for due diligence and ultimately assisted to the sale of the two buildings in Toronto.

Large Matterport Scans For Industrial Real Estate
Markham, Ontario

We were called to create a 3D Matterport virtual tour of an industrial warehouse in Markham after the client’s in-house team was unable to properly capture the 152,000 sq. ft. building. With our equipment and expertise in 3D Laser Scanning, a large Matterport scan was no issue for the team. This was created in three days.

We are Matterport 3D Experts

Our team has captured large Matterport scans in Canada with a comprehensive understanding of 3D virtual tour technology. Trust the very best and most experienced Matterport Service Providers when a large Matterport scan is needed. Point3D services Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal with large Matterport 3D Virtual Tours. No space is too large or too complex for Matterport capture as we can develop a navigation plan between 3D models for most applications, contact Point3D to learn more about this service.

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